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Prospective Undergraduate Students

“No other UC IrvineĀ labs get their students into more health professional and graduate schools than the Rose, Mueller, and Greer Laboratories.”

Undergraduate student researchers play a vital role in our laboratory. Entry-level students (Bio Sci 198) preform the essential work in our lab, from maintaining populations, running assays (such as counting eggs, mate choice experiments), collecting data, and of course cleaning. Those Bio 198 students that participate in research for at least three quarters will be considered for promotion to Bio 199 status. Bio 199 students (also known as Experiment Leaders) lead research teams, are eligible to have their names on scientific papers, compete for excellence in research and other undergraduate presentation opportunities and as always cleaning. However lab management reserves the right to promote those students who demonstrate exceptional leadership skills earlier than 3 quarters.

We believe that our lab provides all students regardless of their long-term goals with the rare opportunity of proving their character. The bottom-line is that all institutions, including medical and graduate schools, want applicants that are hard working, able to cope in a tedious environment, and demonstrate the ability to lead. Our lab provides this type of environment. Those students that demonstrate these characteristics will earn a letter of recommendation.

*Both prospective and current students may proceed to the registration link here.*

Prospective Graduate Students & Post-Doctoral Students

*Please contact the principal investigators you would like to work with directly.


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