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Research Interests: Experimental Evolution; Genomics; Bioinformatics

I am currently assisting with the initial analysis and characterization of whole genome sequence data from the following Drosophila melanogaster populations being maintained in the Rose lab: B1-5, BO1-5, ACO1-5, AO1-5, CO1-5 and NCO1-5. These fivefold replicated populations are all derived from a single outbred stock and are primarily differentiated by selection regime. B type populations (B and BO) are maintained in vials at a 14 day generation cycle. A type (ACO and AO) and C type (CO and NCO) populations are maintained in cages during adulthood at 10 and 28 day cycles respectively.

The 30 populations are also differentiated by number of generations under selection. The older lines, B, CO, and ACO, have been subjected to their respective selection regimes for 837, 290 and 737 generations. Whereas the newly selected lines, BO, NCO and AO, have undergone 120, 36 and 146 generations under selection. Ultimately, I plan to apply comparative techniques to genomic regions of interest that emerge from the initial characterization of these populations for my thesis work. As these populations constitute a known star phylogeny, this work could both provide insight into the underlying genetics of evolution and serve as a test for a number of commonly used bioinformatic techniques.

Lead graduate student on genomics: Mark Phillips

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